Rudeness in America

America in 2016 tolerates a level of rudeness way beyond what we used to.  Some of the reasons for this are: The biggest factor is low self esteem. Our current culture of victimization (where anything bad is someone else’s fault) creates low self esteem, and if you don’t respect yourself, you don’t respect others the […]

Amazon Prime Show – Goliath

Last night I finished watching Goliath, this series on Amazon Prime.  It is the first Amazon series I have watched; I am primarily a Netflix viewer.  If I were to speak like my middle school players, I would say that the show was “meh!”. Billy Bob Thornton is one of those actors that rarely has […]

Sexism Hypocrisy #201

As much as I have been trying to avoid politics, its hard to miss all the uproar over comments Donald Trump made several years.  Trump is just the latest in a long line of prominent males getting eviscerated by the media over what the media considers to be “sexist comments”.  I haven’t listened to what […]

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