Alligator in the Back Yard

Alligator in the Back Yard

There has been a full size alligator hanging out in the big pond for about a week.  The sheriff first came out when there were reports of kids throwing rocks and sticks at the alligator (yes, I am serious, the sheriff said the kids were throwing rocks at a full size alligator).

We don’t get a lot of alligator’s around here, but they do show up.  Supposedly, if you don’t feed them, they move on, but when an alligator moves into a pond surrounded by about 40 homes, plus people from neighboring areas that stop by to fish, the chances that someone is NOT going to feed the alligator is pretty slim.  So contrary to actions of the cheap board members on the HOA board, sending around an email to tell people to not feed the alligator so it will move on is a waste of time.  Call the gator-busters!

Eventually after a week, the HOA sprung for the $350 to get the alligator catchers out to relocate the gator to a nearby nature preserve.  But, don’t get me started on HOA’s.  Enjoy the pics:

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