Presidential Election 2016

Presidential Election 2016

So now that the election is over, I’ll give you my thoughts.

  • I am surprised that Trump won.  Obviously the polls are biased towards liberal candidates (they have been for years), but I still expected a Clinton victory.  I’m sure there are both logical and illogical reasons for it.
  • This does suggest a possible end to the liberal media stranglehold.  The internet has been helping with that for years, but for the first time, the majority of Americans seem to understand the media is not objective and can’t be trusted.  I remember when the first Gulf war “made” CNN to some extent, where it was the first time people were watching news 24/7.  Now this election seems to signify the end of the media’s hey day.  They won’t implode overnight (the newspapers are still hanging on), but the number of Americans ignoring the mainstream media has begun to reach critical mass.  We have crowd sourced funding, crowd-sourced ratings systems; we may be approaching the era when we have crowd sourced media outlets with content NOT controlled by a central authority.
  • Political opinions aside, Clinton was the least qualified legitimate candidate for President since Al Gore.  A legislator needs sales and networking skills, but not leadership skills; a President needs strong leadership skills.  Presidential level leadership skills only come from three sources: a) senior management in the private sector, b) senior leadership in the military, or c) senior leadership AS AN EXECUTIVE at the State government level (i.e. Governor).  Hillary’s own biography says that after law school, she worked for a law firm for a few years.  While there, she did some legal work, but she didn’t bill many hours.  Instead, she spent time using connections to get the law firm clients.  That develops sales skills, but not leadership skills. Then, she became a Governor’s wife, then a President’s wife, then a Senator, then Secretary of State.  NOTHING in her career path prepared her to lead.  The USA spends $4 trillion per year, has the world’s largest military, and has the most world influence on the economy.  Seriously, there are McDonalds shift managers that have more leadership skills that Hillary did.  Even if I agreed with Hillary’s politics, I couldn’t vote for her on that alone.  Ben Carson, the Republican doctor, was in a similar position.  Carson seems a really intelligent guy, but no leadership skills.  You can vote for legislators based on politics alone, but voting for executive level positions MUST include an assessment of leadership skills.
  • The media really tried to make this election about sexism/racism as a red herring.  That is the old “if you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger” strategy.
    • Trump is not racist at all; the race mongers try to twist anything against their goals to be a race issue.  We have a government that is going bankrupt, and one part of that drain is tax money being spent in numerous ways on illegal immigrants.  Its a small part, compared to issues like Medicare and Social Security, but it is a part of the equation.  The fact that most illegal immigrants are Latino is coincidence.   If it were all Vietnamese or all Syrians or all white British citizens, it would be the same economic issue with regards to illegal immigrants.  Calling someone racist for addressing a problem with economics is a lie.  I personally think the immigration issue is very low on the priority list, but apparently other Americans think its a high priority. Regardless, it has NOTHING to do with race.
    • While Trump is not a racist, Trump does seem to have some sexism in him.  Part of what was said about him appears to be true; part was clearly a bunch of lies generated by his enemies.  Trump is a billionaire that the media hates; if any of these women had real harassment cases, they would have tried to accuse him years ago.  You don’t come out with accusations right before an election and expect to be taken seriously.  Especially at the 11th hour.  Trump has been running for President for over a year, and they only come out after its down to Hillary versus Trump?  Clearly, most of those  women are lying, just like Kobie Bryant’s rape accuser, just like the liars that accused the Duke Lacrosse players (shall I continue?) Additionally, there is this current feminist strategy to act like sexist language is equal to rape, and if you use language in a way that pisses off the feminists, they not only want an apology, they want you to lose your job/money/whatever.  The hate coming from some of the feminists is extreme. So, is Trump the perfect feminist choice?  Hell no, and hopefully he has matured in his manner of talking about women.  But the President has to deal with the world economy, work with China and Russia, and lead 340 million people.  If voters really cared that much about his sexist comments, despite the obvious issues a President has to deal with, then their priorities are all screwed up.

I’m curious if Trump will last after 4 years; he may not want to run for a second term.  Our country has made political office so unappealing to the really successful people in this country, that they have no desire to run for office.  Clint Eastwood was mayor of Carmel for two years, and then said “the hell with this” because the business of politics is no fun in this day and age.  On the other hand, Trumps particular style of dealing with the media prior to becoming president may mean he can handle it.

I also expect him to be somewhat neutered, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Arnold was really popular; much more well liked than Trump, and yet because he was an outsider, the California legislature didn’t work with him, and he was not able to accomplish a whole lot.  Make no mistake; the Republicans aren’t fans of him either.  Some of the Republicans will work with him, but many won’t, and I doubt the Democrats will do much.  I could be wrong, but I expect a status quo for the next four years, except for anything that Trump can handle via executive decree or cabinet level.

Time will tell.

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