They Did What?

We tolerate a level of rudeness now that we never put up with as recent as 10-20 years ago.  Here are some of my favorites:


  1. bringing your dog inside the car dealer repair waiting area (and its not a seeing eye dog)
  2. not throwing away your trash at a self serve restaurant
  3. interrupt people while they are talking

Using your Cell Phone while:

  1. at the park NOT watching your kids
  2. walking your dog
  3. eating at a restaurant with someone else
  4. using speakerphone anywhere in public
  5. trying to place an order
  6. in the stands at your kids sports game
  7. inside a movie theater


  1. realizing too late you are in the wrong lane, and then slow down and/or stop, forcing traffic to stop while you maneuver
  2. tailgating
  3. driving in the left lane when you should be in the right lane
  4. parked in car at night waiting with the headlights on shining in a store or restaurant (or the opposite direction in a street)
  5. driving behind someone who is backing out of a parking spot
  6. taking someone’s parking spot who is waiting on another car to pull out

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