I have been a foodie all my life.  My mom used to tell a story of how when I was a baby, she would buy whatever baby food was cheapest that week, because I literally ate whatever she fed me.

I grew rapidly in high school, and during my growing years, I was consuming around 4500 calories a day.  Obviously, not all of that was ‘quality’ food, but growing up in the small town of Waverly, TN, we had limited restaurant choices and my mother was a very good cook, so I ate a LOT of good food.

My aunt and uncle (Ron and Natalie) on my father’s side were also in the restaurant business.  They helped Don Strong start Richards Restaurants in Northern Indiana in 1967, and ran the business for several decades:


They also ran a local coffee shop called the Brew Ha for about 10 years.  I inherited an appreciation for good food from both sides of my family.  To this day, I am a very good cook.

However, my appreciation for eating out didn’t really get started until my 20’s when I would travel on expense account for my job in the energy business.  I had the opportunity to eat and drink at fine restaurants around the USA.  Eventually, I quit waiting on company trips to eat out regularly and just started doing it on my own, whether for business or personal.  I am well known by friends, family and colleagues for having a great track record for recommending good restaurants.

For the foodies out there, I hope you get some good tips from this website.

Apparently I am a Yelp “Elite” Reviewer.  Still not sure exactly what that means, but it doesn’t pay me anything 🙂 Click on the Yelp logo to see my Yelp reviews: Yelp Review Profile

If you have a restaurant you would like reviewed and I am in the area, please email me.  I try to keep up  with new restaurant openings, but restaurant turnover is often high, so please keep me in the loop.

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